Dog Training

” You may love your dog but do you like it? ”   There is a big difference between `loving and liking` . When you go out for a walk does your dog pull like a train on the lead or once off the lead does he just ignore you completely and do his own thing. We`ve  all been there. Very few dogs just walk calmly beside us and answer our call with an instant response. WE can help with these issues and you can learn to `love ` your dog all the time.

Correct training enhances any breed of dog whether or not it has a specific working role.

All dogs need to be mentally stimulated and this, coupled with the correct level of exercise, produces a companion we can be proud of.

All our classes, irrespective of which discipline you choose, encourage handlers to gain an understanding of dog behaviour and its relation to dog training.

We also offer one to one training to target specific problems, behavioural or otherwise. Intensive one to one training can also be of great benefit prior to competition. In the summer months, with the onset of more daylight, we also draw our attentions to tackling problems that may have arisen with our Gundogs during the shooting season or furthering their training in readiness for next season.

We have our own 1.5 acre woodland game pen which is kept fully stocked. The pen is available for hire, with or without instruction, please contact us for further details.

So, whether you want a well behaved pet companion, working dog or a finely tuned competition dog, we are here to help. Click here for our contact details.

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