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We are pleased to be able to supply our customers with an expanding range of quality products at very competitive prices. To order any product from the companies listed below please contact us.

GWF Nutrition logoGWF Nutrition is an independent, Wiltshire based company specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of high quality animal feed, including: pet feed, horse feed, alpaca feed and agricultural feed.

Established in 1971, GWF Nutrition has earned an enviable reputation within the animal feed market for its pioneering and natural approach to animal nutrition. Primarily an agricultural feed manufacturer in 1970’s and 80’s, the company has evolved to become a leading supplier to many sectors of the marketplace, both domestic and commercial.

Today, GWF Nutrition is recognised, both for its own range of feeds and supplements sold Nationally and Internationally, as well its close working relationships with many leading feed and supplement suppliers, which utilise the company’s development and contract manufacturing capabilities.

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Skinners began making complete dry dog foods in the early 1970’s – a time when there were very few competitors in this sector of the market. It was a natural progression from animal feed compounding, and with an excellent reputation already well established the move proved extremely successful.

Skinner’s originally manufactured two diets, Dog Meal and Dog Food, and these proved extremely popular with many of the local gundog and wildfowlers clubs.

Skinner’s launched their Field & Trial range in the early 1990’s. Originally just two foods: Crunchy & Muesli , the range now comprises nine specifically formulated diets, including the recent addition of three very popular hypoallergenic foods: Duck & Rice, Salmon & Rice and Turkey & Rice.

Whilst Skinner’s past and present is firmly connected to the working gundog sector, they supply their foods to a wide range of customers including pet dog owners as well as several police forces, husky racing teams and many show dog, obedience and agility dog customers including Springerfields.

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Quest is quest_logoa Gundog Training Equipment Company set up over 25 years ago to service a need for quality equipment at competitive prices. From their base in the Northwest of England they manufacture their own dummies and equipment with a hands-on approach. They also source quality products from all over the world and test them their own dogs before selling them under the Quest banner.

Their products are used by both amateur and professional trainers throughout the world in countries as far away as Australia.

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